Do you come home to a hyperactive dog? Dog Daycare just might be the answer!

When left home alone all day our dogs can easily become bored, frustrated and anxious, this can lead to destructive behaviour and excessive barking. Here at Unleashed Dog Training and Daycare our goal is to provide a safe, fun and mentally stimulating environment for your dog where we encourage desirable social behaviour.

We cater for all types! Whether your dog is a zoomie specialist or a couch potato we are sure we can match them with some like minded mates.

So while we are busy ensuring your dog is enriched, exercised and mentally stimulated by the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing that your garden and furniture will be safe and your neighbours will be left in peace.

Depending on your dogs activity level and individual needs we recommend that your dog attends daycare at least once a week. In order to create cohesive groups and improve the daycare experience for all our dogs, we recommend that your dog, where possible, attends daycare on the same day each week.

Don’t Forget!!

Please ensure your dogs C5 vaccination is up to date.

Please note, dogs over 8 months old need to be de-sexed

Pups between 10-16 weeks will need to have received their first vaccination at least 8 days prior to admission.

What does a typical day at Unleashed Dog Training and Daycare look like?

From 7:45am dogs arrive and are divided into groups according to their size, energy level and play style. First-timers are monitored closely as they meet their new buddies one by one. Our regulars show them the ropes by getting stuck straight into the fun! Excitement levels are high and most puppers are more a blur of fluff  than dog at the moment. They spend the morning running, jumping and wrestling while we are close at hand ensuring they are not over stimulated.

Usually around lunch time the dogs are a little worn out and are in need of a bit of a rest and of course some pats and cuddles with our staff. The games subside and the sheep skin mats come out and dogs are encouraged to have a little nap.

By mid afternoon the energy has returned and we are back into the fun. Some games of fetch and some toys to give the dogs minds a good workout. We also run an exposure session each day where we introduce the dogs to different household items and situations that can potentially be scary or unusual for dogs, such as the vacuum, prams, skateboards etc.

Late afternoon we prepare for sad farewells and hope to see our four legged friends again soon. And worn out dogs head home for a nice relaxing, quiet night with the family.

Every moment is captured with photos and then uploaded to our Facebook and Instagram account for our dogs parents to see.

Daycare Prices

Casual Pass

  • Casual Full Day Pass

10 Day Pass

  • Only $36 per day!

2 dogs

  • from same family